How well do you connect with the sports?

Once you are ready with the answer, you will better understand our purpose.

IAMJLA is a sports-oriented program which is conducted by Glenn Jones and Nicholas Zoll. Both of them being sport lovers, always wanted to try their hands on something with the backdrop of Sports.

Well, with all the busy work schedules, we have somewhere forgotten the importance of sports and health. People are hitting the gyms instead of having an easy one-hour badminton session with the kids. Haha, I didn’t want to sound emotional here, but well that’s how it is!

Through this website, both Glenn and Nicholas will try to keep you updated about the latest match scores, and also offer you the tips to stay fit along with enjoying the Sport!

Glenn is the guy handling the technical part of the website, whereas Nicholas frames the data and pens them down. Follow for updates and latest feeds from IAMJLA.