It was the match between the LA Lakers and the Golden State Warriors, that was held on 25th of December in Oakland, California.

Though the LA Lakers beat the Warriors, LeBron had to leave the game midway due to a sprained left groin. The results of the MRI scan were out today, and there’s nothing to worry about! The condition of the groin is fine, and it has no serious damage.

LeBron James

On asking about the injury, James said – “I was not able to go back to the game”. He also added that injuries were never of much concern to him, he felt a pop and also tried to stretch walk. “I tried to stretch thinking it would relieve, but didn’t work”.

The injury occurred during the third quarter of the game when James stretched out to reach the ball, when his left thigh got shifted in an unpleasant way. He kept on playing for around 1-2 minutes, then stood stretching and aching with pain.

As LeBron started to stretch out, the staff authorities and other team officials came out for help.

The player slowly started walking, limping and sat on the Lakers bench kept on the side of the play area. After some time, he left for the locker room.

This game was the second Christmas game of James, who lost against the Cleveland in the last year’s match. He had an account of 17 points, 13 rebounds, and a total of 5 assists before he exited the game.

Coach Luke Walton of the LA Lakers, mentioned that he will train the team for the Thursday’s match that will be played without James.

As of now, James has a total of 156 straight games and 116 of the regular season. On asking more about the condition, James told the media that injuries were a rare thing for him, and also he got the best trainer and an amazing medical staff.

Key Point: Though you are a Master-Blaster of any of game, whether you are basketball,baseball player or you are playing college football league or elsewhere you must take smart moves for better game without any injury.