UPS lost a bank check containing an inheritance of $ 846,000 from a Canadian family and then attempted to repair it by offering a $ 32 shipping refund.

The drama began in February when, according to Louis Paul Herbert, his family verified his father’s will against the CBC and divided the money among the family members. Herbert said he went to a UPS store near Cornwall, Ontario, to pick up a package that his sister Lorette Taylor had sent him by check.

But the check never came.

I was expecting at the UPS store around 3 p.m. because they said the boys had arrived and that nothing would come,” Herbert told CBC News. “I came back at night. Nothing comes up … and I wonder, ‘What happened to my legacy?'”

Taylor said she sent the TD Bank check through UPS so her brother didn’t have to travel 270 miles to get it. Taylor said the bank had ensured that the Herbert project would arrive safely, a vote that convinced them to use UPS services. TD also became engaged to Taylor and her husband John, who would replace the money if the project were lost.

You said a bank change was more appropriate, said Taylor. In my wildest imagination, I never thought that something like this would happen.

UPSers login said it was not possible to trace the location of the design.

Although UPSers login service in our industry is excellent, unfortunately, we are not perfect. Sometimes a package is lost, said Nirali Raval, spokesperson for CBC UPS. Our records indicate that our team followed the UPS protocol and our operations and security teams extensively searched for this package. Unfortunately, we were unable to find the package.

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Taylor said UPS sent an apology letter to her family and offered to refund the $ 32 shipping fee, but the unfortunate woman thinks that is not enough.

It’s very nice of you, but it doesn’t solve my problems, said Herbert.

TD refused to issue a new check unless Taylor signed “a contract to pay the bank if someone buys the lost account,” CBC said.

He also said that if something happened to me, like my children and my heirs, my wife, and the executor should pay this debt, he said. Well, I really didn’t want to sign that.

Ultimately, however, the woman said she signed the form, but the bank “did not pay anyone a penny.” Instead, the bank gave a guarantee to her home if “the wrong check was cashed.” However, she refused.

If the bank really wants compensation, UPS has to sign, said Taylor.

Herbert said he was broke and that he needed the legacy to survive.

“TD has the money. The money is in a TD account. Nothing has been stolen. It is there. It is my legacy,” he said. “I would have retired.”

After initial reports of the money lost, TD released the $ 846,000 on Thursday and apologized.

“We understand that we have found a UPSers login solution with our client,” Cheryl Ficker, spokeswoman for the TD Canada Trust, told CBC News. We realize that it didn’t go well and that we could have done more to find a faster solution.

Taylor confirmed to CBC that her attorney had the new check.

It looks like the problem will be resolved, she said.