Are you new to Green Bay and missing your football games already?

Well, there’s a good news for you guys. Green Bay is famous for their love of football, but is this is not a myth!

Green Bay – the Football City

Green Bay Packers won’t be the best football team but the city loves the game like no one else do. WalletHub, the financial website ranked Green Bay as the number one city for the football audience. They even put the country on the 21st place as the best place for sports.

The city has been into sports and football for a long time now. During the evaluation, the Wallet Hub considered about 419 countries, along with 50 different parameters based on sports like football, basketball, soccer, hockey, and even baseball.

Brad Toll, the CEO and President of the Greater Green Bay Convention says – ‘If there’s any place that comes to the people’s mind for professional game, then it would be Greener Bay.’ He also adds that the city already has some mystique connection with football, and wishes to achieve that someday.

Recalling their match statistics and rankings, they were the last to finish the baseball and the hockey – with the ranking of 127 in the soccer and 181st in the basketball game!

Now, the most interesting thing that I noticed here is how the Green Bay ranked second over the mid-sized cities like Cincinnati. Yes, you heard that right, Cincinnati!

The overall rankings were released in the previous year only, where Green Bay bagged the place ahead of the Pittsburgh, and with only a few points higher than the Boston and Dallas.

Among all the cities, Boston ranked the first as the best city for the sports – in advance to all other places like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and even the Pittsburgh. While Green Bay has the best accessible stadium, and best engaging fans when tied up with the Pittsburgh players.