The Sundae promotion of the McDVOICE that went wrong

McDonald’s apologized for the Halloween marketing campaign promoting a dessert in Portugal with the words “Sundae Bloody Sundae”.

Bloody Sunday refers to one of the worst days of the problem in Northern Ireland when 13 people were killed by the military.

The ads sparked outrage when the photos were shared on social media.

McDonald’s said the marketing campaign should not be an “insensitive indicator of a historic event.”

“We sincerely apologize for any crime or suffering,” said a spokeswoman for McDonald’s Portugal.

She explained that the “Bloody” ice cream was created to celebrate Halloween, but the campaign was canceled.

Bloody Sunday made headlines when soldiers opened fire on a civil rights march in Londonderry on Sunday, January 30, 1972.

A photo of the McDonald’s ad was shared online by an Irish Twitter user who said “Portugal is canceled.”

It is not the first time that a company has apologized for advertising products with the phrase.

In 2013, a Covent Garden Bar in London apologized for serving an ice cream cocktail.

The drink caused outrage among Irish guests when it was served with a small plastic soldier.

At the time, the cocktail promotion was also condemned by activist Kate Nash, whose brother William Nash was among the 13 people who died on Bloody Sunday.

However, when he turned to BBC News NI on Thursday, Nash said: “I am aware of the McDonald’s advertising campaign.

I have to say, it’s not that shocking to me.

He added: It is in Portugal and it is highly unlikely that people will sit there to offend the events here in Ireland.

Perhaps, in their innocence, they subscribed to this slogan, with no connection to Bloody Sunday.

In a statement, a McDonald’s spokesperson confirmed that all related promotional materials have been removed from Portuguese restaurants.

McDVOICE Objectives

Some of the primary objectives of McDonald’s behind launching the McDVOICE Survey at are listed below:

  •  Firstly, this survey at helps McDonald’s to analyze their services and the food products served. Thus, they can bring the necessary changes to the same.
  • McDVOICE Survey at is one of the most efficient and the easiest tools for the customers to interact with the management team directly.
  • The is an extremely secure portal that helps the customers of McDonald’s to place their opinions and feedback without any sort of hesitation.
  • The Maine objective behind the launch of the McDVOICE Survey is to increase the customer satisfaction level on their premises.

McDVOICE defended its decision to refuse to serve a couple in a cart at a restaurant.

The company said it could only use certain types of vehicles for health and safety reasons.

McDonald’s apologized for any confusion, adding that its employees’ guidelines would be repeated.

Murden said he could easily use the pass at a nearby chicken restaurant.

A few days after shopping for food right in front of the car, he attempted to use his two-wheeled car at McDonald’s over the weekend.

You said it was dangerous, he said. I don’t know who you wanted to be, that it was dangerous for you, for us or for us or other people during the trip. But there was no danger.

The McDVOICE Contact Details

I contacted McDVOICE’s headquarters and asked why there were no signs of unauthorized horses and motorcycles. And why does it vary from branch to branch?

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: We are sorry to have disappointed Debbie Murden and any confusion.

The health and safety of our valuable customers visiting our premises is our top priority. For this reason, we cannot serve customers in a car.

We will ensure that this policy is repeated for our employees to avoid inconsistencies.

Impact of meat shortage on the services of the TalktoWendys

As meat stocks in the United States become increasingly clear after the coronavirus pandemic, the popular fast-food chain Wendy’s is the latest hit in restaurants.

Meat shortage at TalktoWendys

Some of Wendy’s locations have removed burgers, the restaurant’s trademark, from their menu. Disappointed customers were reported on Twitter this week.

At the popular burger bar, which offers “fresh, never frozen” meat, chickens and side dishes were only served in non-burger places that were shared by a user due to a lack of meat delivery.

Some of our menu items are rare in some restaurants in this current environment from time to time, Wendy’s said in a statement to Restaurant Business. We hope this is only temporary and we are working diligently to minimize the impact on our customers.” and restaurants.

According to Today, customers reported that the burgers are no longer available at Wendy’s stores in California, South Carolina, and Kentucky.

The radical change in the menu asks customers: Where’s the meat? on social networks in reference to the expression of the fast-food chain of the 80s.

TalktoWendys Survey Questionnaire

Some of the questions included in the TalktoWendys Survey questionnaire are listed below:

  • How do you rate your overall satisfaction level with the services and the food served at Wendy’s?
  • Were the TalktoWendys stores clean?
  • How do you rate the staff-behavior at Wendy’s?
  • Are the prices of the food products served at Wendy’s affordable for every middle-class man in the United States?
  • How often do you visit TalktoWendys?
  • Do you recommend your friends and relatives to visit our stores?
  • Did you face any sort of issue or disappointment while your visit to the TalktoWendys? If yes, then kindly explain in detail.
  • How can we improve our services?
  • How do you rate your experience with the TalktoWendys Survey?

TalktoWendys Survey is one of the most efficient and easy tools for Wendy’s management team to interact with the customers directly and improve their services and the food served.

At the time, the saying was used to ask other fast-food restaurants about their little burgers and the lack of meat.

The news of Wendy’s meat shortage comes when several other restaurants and stores are struggling with their meat supplies due to supply disruption during the coronavirus epidemic.

On April 28, at least 22 meat and food processing plants were closed due to the spread of the virus in the past two months, the Food and International Trade Workers Union wrote in a statement.

“The food supply chain is collapsing,” John Tyson, CEO of Tyson, told The New York Times and The Washington Post last week.

There will be a limited supply of our products in supermarkets until we can reopen our currently closed facilities, he added.

Last month, the United Nations warned that parts of the world are at risk of numerous famines of “biblical proportions” in the near future without taking any action.

David Beasley, director of the United Nations World Food Program, spoke on the video to the United Nations Security Council, expressing concern that the world is on the brink of starvation. “”

There is also a real risk that more people will die from the economic effects of COVID-19 (coronavirus disease) than from the virus itself, he warned.

The beverage machine and refrigerators were dirty and there was an excessive loss of condensate from the freezer that spilled onto the food.

Dirt, food particles and grease have accumulated on the floor under the appliance and in the rear area, near the fryers and oven.

Two containers of sliced ​​cheese were in the temperature risk zone. The cheese was also at risk of contamination because it was placed on a prep table with a bottle of bathroom cleaner, a pen, and a phone.

Walgreenslistens promoting the transgenders in the best possible way

Walgreens follows Target’s example and allows employees and customers to use restrooms that best suit their gender identity.

The drugstore chain announced the new employee policy on November 21: “Everyone has the right to use toilets that match a person’s gender, regardless of gender. At birth” (Read the full company policy here).

However, the change made headlines after a Los Angeles Times report on Jessie Meehan, a Cisgender woman who claims to have been discriminated against at a Walgreens store in Hollywood, California, last year. Meehan said she was “very shocked and surprised” when asked to use the men’s room during a visit to Walgreen during the city’s pride celebrations in June.

“I have been discriminated all my life for my overly masculine appearance,” Meehan, who does not identify as a transsexual, said in a video released Monday by the American Civil Liberties Union in Southern California. [This is] the first time I talk about it, I did something. I imagine thousands of people do nothing when they feel bad.

After a discussion with a manager, Meehan contacted the ACLU. Attorney Amanda Goad followed up with a letter to Walgreens clarifying California law that “protects everyone’s right to access restrooms based on their gender identity in workplaces, schools and commercial “facilities. Angeles Times.

According to Goad, negotiations with Walgreens caused the company to change its policies at 8,100 stores across the country.

“Everyone needs safe access to the toilet, and California law protects everyone’s right to access a toilet based on gender identity in the workplace, school, and business,” Goad said in a statement on the site. ACLU website. It is necessary for companies to ensure that their employees understand this requirement, as Walgreens is building Jessie Meehan’s courage to stand up for her rights.

Walgreenslistens Frequently Asked Questions

What is Walgreenslistens Survey?

This is a survey that has been launched by the Walgreens to collect the feedback and opinions from the customers and make sure that the customers are happy with the services and the products provided.

Where can I access the Walgreenslistens Survey?

You can conduct this customer satisfaction survey on the official website

Is survey portal safe to use?

Yes. The official website is extremely safe for each and every participant to use.

Is it necessary to make a purchase from the Walgreens to participate in the Walgreenslistens Survey?

Yes. This survey on the demands the purchase from the participants from any of the Walgreens stores in the United States of America.

Walgreens has had a reputation as a friendly LGBTQ company for some time. The Deerfield, Illinois-based retail chain is 100% listed in the 2018 Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index, a benchmark tool for LGBTQ workplace equality.

HuffPost contacted a Walgreens representative for comment but was not immediately informed.

The goal for 2016 was a bathroom policy that is now similar to that of Walgreens. The decision angered some conservative groups.

We will continue to monitor companies that have played a significant role in the emergence of the opioid crisis, “said Bondi, whom President Donald Trump cited as a possible replacement for recently revoked Attorney General Jeff Sessions.” Thousands of Floridians suffered the actions of the accused.

Mike DeAngelis, a spokesperson for CVS, called the process “without merit” in a statement released Saturday. He said the company is training its pharmacists and assistants in the distribution of controlled substances and providing tools to detect potentially illegal sales.

In recent years, CVS has taken several steps to strengthen our existing safeguards to combat the opioid epidemic in the country, said DeAngelis.

Walgreens said Saturday it had not commented on the ongoing lawsuits.

Why Green Bay be better called as the City of Football Lovers?

Are you new to Green Bay and missing your football games already?

Well, there’s a good news for you guys. Green Bay is famous for their love of football, but is this is not a myth!

Green Bay – the Football City

Green Bay Packers won’t be the best football team but the city loves the game like no one else do. WalletHub, the financial website ranked Green Bay as the number one city for the football audience. They even put the country on the 21st place as the best place for sports.

The city has been into sports and football for a long time now. During the evaluation, the Wallet Hub considered about 419 countries, along with 50 different parameters based on sports like football, basketball, soccer, hockey, and even baseball.

Brad Toll, the CEO and President of the Greater Green Bay Convention says – ‘If there’s any place that comes to the people’s mind for professional game, then it would be Greener Bay.’ He also adds that the city already has some mystique connection with football, and wishes to achieve that someday.

Recalling their match statistics and rankings, they were the last to finish the baseball and the hockey – with the ranking of 127 in the soccer and 181st in the basketball game!

Now, the most interesting thing that I noticed here is how the Green Bay ranked second over the mid-sized cities like Cincinnati. Yes, you heard that right, Cincinnati!

The overall rankings were released in the previous year only, where Green Bay bagged the place ahead of the Pittsburgh, and with only a few points higher than the Boston and Dallas.

Among all the cities, Boston ranked the first as the best city for the sports – in advance to all other places like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and even the Pittsburgh. While Green Bay has the best accessible stadium, and best engaging fans when tied up with the Pittsburgh players.

LeBron James of LA Lakers diagnosed with Sprained Groin

It was the match between the LA Lakers and the Golden State Warriors, that was held on 25th of December in Oakland, California.

Though the LA Lakers beat the Warriors, LeBron had to leave the game midway due to a sprained left groin. The results of the MRI scan were out today, and there’s nothing to worry about! The condition of the groin is fine, and it has no serious damage.

LeBron James

On asking about the injury, James said – “I was not able to go back to the game”. He also added that injuries were never of much concern to him, he felt a pop and also tried to stretch walk. “I tried to stretch thinking it would relieve, but didn’t work”.

The injury occurred during the third quarter of the game when James stretched out to reach the ball, when his left thigh got shifted in an unpleasant way. He kept on playing for around 1-2 minutes, then stood stretching and aching with pain.

As LeBron started to stretch out, the staff authorities and other team officials came out for help.

The player slowly started walking, limping and sat on the Lakers bench kept on the side of the play area. After some time, he left for the locker room.

This game was the second Christmas game of James, who lost against the Cleveland in the last year’s match. He had an account of 17 points, 13 rebounds, and a total of 5 assists before he exited the game.

Coach Luke Walton of the LA Lakers, mentioned that he will train the team for the Thursday’s match that will be played without James.

As of now, James has a total of 156 straight games and 116 of the regular season. On asking more about the condition, James told the media that injuries were a rare thing for him, and also he got the best trainer and an amazing medical staff.

Key Point: Though you are a Master-Blaster of any of game, whether you are basketball,baseball player or you are playing college football league or elsewhere you must take smart moves for better game without any injury.